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Progress Report: The Video Game Quiz Round One

2009-06-01 16:56:25 by ShmenonPie

I felt it was time to unveil my latest project, TVGQ:Round One, a very, very enhanced version of The Video Game Quiz, that has once again been redesigned, and rescripted entirely.

Questions: 55%
Features: 95%
Artwork: 70%
Script: 80%

Fortunately, due to the way I've implemented questions, it's really fast to add them to the game, and so I can add 10 or 15 questions in about an hour and a half (including time for researching and thought). It's been the features and such that have taken the longest.

Thanks a ton to the people who have contributed questions and art!

It should be coming out in two or three weeks, depending on how much time I have.

Oh, and brush up on your knowledge of secret codes before you play!


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2009-06-01 16:58:13

I don't think many will read the comments of this post, so I'll write here that it'll be worthwhile entering the Contra Code into the game (after the preloader). Something good will happen.