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I'm back, with... Nothing!

2008-10-10 18:01:02 by ShmenonPie

Well, this is what happens when your copy of Adobe CS3 stops working randomly, but hey, what can you do? Finally, I've got Flash working again though, so expect to see something new in about... 6 months or so.
I don't do timely, I have coursework to do!

Someone's been trying to hack my account??

2008-04-21 13:23:17 by ShmenonPie

Weird... Why would you want to do that?

I received an email from p-bot telling me that somebody has been locked out of my account due to multiple unsuccessful login attempts - it definitely isn't me, else I wouldn't be typing this after having successfully logged in. How odd, and slightly flattering, I must admit!

Also, for anybody that likes my work, my next project (TVGQ is being put on hold) is an animation that reflects my hatred of human nature and discrimination as a whole. It won't be done for a veeeeery long time due to GCSEs and laziness. Ah well, keep your eyes peeled for new updates!

EDIT: OK, I lied. I wasn't working on anything. I'm still not, for that matter...

First hit on Google!!!

2008-04-07 11:01:33 by ShmenonPie

I think the subject says it all, I'm the first hit on Google if you search for ShmenonPie :D I couldn't be happier. Can you tell I'm easily impressed?

Well, I expect that by now, but it's still a pleasant surprise. So only four people have left reviews, have they? Come on people, review my game and test your video gaming knowledge!!! You know you want to!

The subject post pretty much says it all GRRRR... Ah well, I don't really need a website, I suppose.

YAY!!! First news post is a biggun!

2008-03-20 19:07:33 by ShmenonPie

Well, firstly I'm not working on The Video Game Quiz at the moment, as I have a new and exciting project: My Website! This contains the download link for the game I've made using RPGXP, which some of you may enjoy. Have fun on the site!

EDIT: This site is very, very dead now.