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New Game!

2011-04-24 17:40:42 by ShmenonPie

Here it is:

I made it a fair while back, but I never got round to uploading it.

Good golly gosh...

2010-10-30 20:52:54 by ShmenonPie

Almost a year since I posted on here!

Let's not let it get that far, let's interrupt the continued silence with a nice blog post about nothing.

And frogs. Frogs are fucking cool.

'Nuff said.

Programming Pwnage

2009-12-18 11:30:52 by ShmenonPie

I got 67 out of 100 in the British Informatics Olympiad. That's almost a guaranteed distinction, and there's an outside chance I'll be invited to the final.

I am awesome.

I Am Win. PS3 Am Fail.

2009-12-05 20:56:29 by ShmenonPie

I got 9 out of 10 on my AS Physics coursework.

My PS3 got the yellow light of death.

Care, internets, I dare you.

Shit nobody cares about.

2009-10-13 17:19:43 by ShmenonPie

Bibliographies. Nobody gives a shit about bibliographies.

Really, they all do.

OK, take, for example, Actionscript. It's horribly inconsistent. Some things are lowercase, some things are UPPERCASE, some things are Titlecase, and there's really little sense as to why some things get capitals and others don't, such as Key.LEFT. Why is Key in titlecase and LEFT in upper? Who can say.

Then there's C. Oh, C. The only reason people use C is because there are lots of code snippets and help to use. If there weren't already the install base for C, I doubt if anyone would use it. It's truly awful. There are so many pitfalls and memory leak issues. Yes, only if you write bad code, but my point is that it's so easy to write bad code with C. Even programmers who have been using C for years can't write simple code without serious bugs appearing left, right and centre.

Then we have other scripting languages like Python and Ruby. Well, the flaw here is pretty obvious - users have to have a runtime installed to use anything written with them! Which average Joe user wants to have to install a runtime separately just to have his program work? There are also serious problems for programmers with scripting languages. As scripting language based applications are, without any real choice, open source, they are open to theft very easily, much more than compiled programs, so programmers will be cheated out of their money, making scripting languages pretty much dead to the career programmer.

Then there are the semicompiled languages like Java and C#. They offer a little more protection against piracy and theft than the scripting languages, but they're bulky and slow. Java is in its sixth version, update 13, as there are always security issues that need fixing, and who's job is that? Sun Microsystems, and until they get their shit together and fix a bug, there's nothing the developer can really do. In addition to this, languages like Java and C# are much slower when run, making complicated tasks almost impossible. For example, in a chess program, a computer would take far, far longer (many seconds) to calculate the entire next 8 moves possible if written in C# than in Pascal, making the game of chess long winded, boring and fractured while the player waits for the bytecode to be translated into machine code. Not exactly ideal.

Well, what's so great about Pascal? It compiles almost anywhere, thanks to the Free Pascal Compiler, it's so simple to understand that it's almost made comments redundant, and it's very easy to learn. Many think Pascal is just a teaching language, but it's much, much more than that. Anything that C or C++ can do, Pascal can do, and probably with more legible and less code. The only problem is that there aren't as many libraries and snippets available for Pascal, because it's been ignored unjustly. If everyone were to start using Pascal tomorrow, then C++ would become obsolete immediately, so support Pascal to the best of your ability and make programming easier, and more enjoyable.

If you disagree, leave a comment. Intelligent comments only, though, otherwise you'll get banned from leaving them.

Thank you!

Sweet. Although, of course, I'm not going to forego the opportunity of going to sixth form, I am now no longer legally obliged to continue with full time education.

It's nice to know.

Level 20 at last!

2009-06-04 15:00:03 by ShmenonPie

I feel so happy! I've finally hit Newgrounds Level 20, and I'll be content for a few days, until I start work on getting to level 25.

I just don't know why, but arbitrary levels are just so much fun!

I felt it was time to unveil my latest project, TVGQ:Round One, a very, very enhanced version of The Video Game Quiz, that has once again been redesigned, and rescripted entirely.

Questions: 55%
Features: 95%
Artwork: 70%
Script: 80%

Fortunately, due to the way I've implemented questions, it's really fast to add them to the game, and so I can add 10 or 15 questions in about an hour and a half (including time for researching and thought). It's been the features and such that have taken the longest.

Thanks a ton to the people who have contributed questions and art!

It should be coming out in two or three weeks, depending on how much time I have.

Oh, and brush up on your knowledge of secret codes before you play!

Oopsies... I got banned!

2009-06-01 12:09:05 by ShmenonPie

Apparently I got banned for "backseat moderating"... I didn't know that I couldn't do that!

My bad, sorry DryIce.